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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Me and Howard!

Mummy went to chat to my Nanny and Granddad and left me in her room and I was unhappy about that but being a good girl I stayed! When Mummy came back in I told her I wanted something and she (silly Mummy) had to work out what! She thought I needed a wee and I let her believe that but when she opened her door I went straight across to see Nanny and Granddad! Oh and Howard! Now I do love Howard and I really want him to play with me but he hasn't met any dogs before me and Bess and so has taken a little while to get to know us (and of course Bessie is just too bouncy so Howard is still a bit wary of her). Well when I went in to see them he was lying on Nanny and Granddad's bed and I went over to him and sniffed his bum!

and he let me! 

Then I licked his side and that was fine too (Mummy was watching me and saying well done Howard but I was the one doing all the friendly work!) and then I sniffed his head and he was ok with that!

and then we settled down to rest ...together ...

Isn't that just the cutest pic? Howard Loves Me!

This is me happy to be friends with Howard...

Mummy has promised me a kitten when we have our own home! I listened very carefully but Mummy doesn't believe I understand! But I am a Collie! I am very Clever! So of course I understand and I think it will be fun! When are we getting our new home Mummy?


  1. awwww, that is lovely, so cute, it has put a smile on my face and cheered me up :0) xxx

  2. I'm so glad it cheered you up Auntie Karen! It made Mummy very happy too :-) xxx


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