Welcome to Dulcie Days! I am Dulcie, a Border Collie, and this is all about my world and the people in it! Check out my page with the pictures of my puppies and 'Bessie's Bouncy Antics' the page of my puppy that stayed! If something touches you or makes you smile I hope you will comment and let me and my Mummy know! Thanks for stopping by!


Riker! The Cheeky One! Always up to mischief!

Daisy! Riker's 'twin' the sweet one but don't be deceived by the cute face she is capable of mischief too!

Our Bess! She was born last and had to have help from the Vet. I was there for 2 hours with Dulcie and the Vet suggested we keep 'him'. My parents had decided they wanted a girl called Bess so when 'he' turned out to be 'she' Bess was chosen! Check out Bessie's own page...Bessies Bouncy Antics!

Bobby! My dad's favourite (shhh don't tell Bess!) The calm one! Very quiet and lovable but still enjoys playtime! He is Bessie's 'twin'.

Mickey! A lovely puppy full of fun!

Here's Charlie. He's the liveliest of all the puppies and needed an watchful eye at all times when he wasn't sleeping!!

Dee! as in 'D' for Dulcie as this is the one who looked most like her mum down to the blaze on the back of her head! Is this repetitive? Full of mischief! it must be a puppy thing!

Rosie! Our first puppy to leave us but to the safe hands of our family friends! She was a cutie. Cuddly and playful.



Puppies attacking scarf and feet!

Puppies all at play

Dee! the first in the Rabbit Run!

Riker Playing on the window sill

Puppies feeding! Bess is the one making all the noise and kicking her feet!

Dulcie and Riker playing!

Dee and Bobby (I believe) playing at just 17 days old

Charlie playing in my bedroom and being a scamp!

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