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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Photo Journal ~ Walk in the Park!

Mummy and I went for a walk in the park today! Mummy took lots of pictures of me playing so we thought you might like to see them!

Mummy says she knows this is a bit blurred but we had just arrived and I'm off to explore!

I love wallowing in puddles! Any water really! I just love it! I also get to have a very needed drink from all my running around!

Mustn't forget the very important shake...then I'm off again!

Aaaah a stick!

Come on Mummy! Throw it! I'm being good!

Me bringing it back! Aren't I fast? So fast you can't see me! hehe

Trotting through the woods! don't I look scary in the flash of mummy's camera! Mwahahaha!

Our last stop before home! A chance for me to play fetch in the lake and clear off any mud (yes it does work. Mummy says I don't come home smelly from the lake!)

On my way back...

and out! Time for home! 

I hope you've enjoyed my photo journal!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Chasing Chickens! (well if the fence hadn't been in the way that is)

  Mummy and her friend Chrissie decided to go out for a drive and have a coffee out today and Mummy took me with her! I do love going out with Mummy in the car and I know she will find somewhere to give me a run too! Well today we went out to Cockerham and Mummy had planned to take me for a walk along the Sands but we couldn't a place to park and there were lots of sheep grazing loose on the marsh. Now I wouldn't have mind playing with the sheep! I am a sheep dog after all and Mummy is sure I wouldn't hurt them I would just do my job and herd them but Mummy thought it wasn't a good idea so we had to find somewhere else.

Mummy then drove to the Farm where She and my friend Chrissie were having their coffee and cake and Mummy ran in first to see if there was anywhere to give me a run and Mummy was very pleased when they said she could let me run on the green on the farm! Well that was loads more fun than I expected! They had Chickens! I had never seen chickens before and I just wanted to get close to them and play but there was a fence in the way! But I still got very excited and most of my run was me looking at these chickens!

And then Mummy took a video of me just I was getting very vocal at this wayward Chicken! I was just trying to get him to go home cos he had wandered away from the coop but that darn fence was in the way! Why won't anyone let me do the thing I know I must do? I know I would be good at herding if I was just given the chance...Mummy? Pleeease? ( Mummy says..."I want to have you as a pet not train you as a sheep dog who would have to live outside and would be at work all day! I would miss my dear companion!") Oh OK Mummy if you need me of course I will stay and look after you! Anyway here is the video! Don't you think I look and sound sooo cute? Mummy does! :-)

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Welcome Home!

My Mummy has been away for a week! She got an opportunity to race off to Cornwall and she didn't even ask me she just went :-( I know really she was sad to leave me and going to Cornwall with me would have been much more fun but she said it was great to imagine coming back home to me and having a big welcome! And I gave her one! I gave her the best welcome I had in me to give! When her car drew up outside the house Nannie shut Bessie behind the big gate and me and Nannie waited for Mummy by the small gate! Mummy got out of the car and came and gave me a big hug not even stopping to hug her Mummy and Daddy or talk to Bessie! She just wanted to have a hug from me! 

Once she had had her loving welcome from me Nannie let Bessie in and Bessie just raced through the lounge and jumped on my Mummy's knee and wouldn't stop licking her face (Bessie is a mad puppy!) When Mummy had finished being accosted by Bessie and had another cuddle with me she went out to unpack the car. I was very scared! I thought she was going to leave me again and I sat on her chair watching her every move through the window! But then when the car was all empty and our dining room was all full mummy came and flopped in her chair and I came and gave her another big welcome...I sat on her knee for ages and nearly went to sleep!
Me and Mummy having a big cuddle!

Later when I had got down Mummy went and brought her case in to get out presents and I got scared again but I didn't need to worry! Mummy got out the presents and her washing and soon the case was empty and we went upstairs for our afternoon rest and Mummy finished her unpacking and I knew she wasn't going to go away again! But I do think I need to watch her closely in case she decides to leave me again! I don't like it when Mummy goes away but I do love it when she comes home!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sooo Cute!

I love my Mummy you know! She has to go out lots and to my annoyance I can't go with her! Most often I quietly jump on her chair to watch her departure through the window and then go to sleep on her chair while waiting for the first sound of her car so I know she's coming home! Mummy always comes and gives me a stroke and a kiss goodbye. Well yesterday when she had to go out I wanted to show her how much I didn't want her to go and how much I love her and Nanny grabbed her camera and took a picture 'cause I looked so cute!

This is me begging Mummy not to go!

Me Hanging onto Mummy! I'm not going to let her go!

You have to admit I do look very cute! How could Mummy be so heartless to still go when I had tried so hard to keep her!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Hello animal lovers.

How are you today? I have just got back from a lovely little walk with Mummy! My second in 2 days!

Now I know that as a doggy that generally isn’t exciting but your see my mummy has a health problem that makes her very tired and her legs ache when she does a lot on her feet! For the past year I haven’t had walks regularly. Mummy did the best she could and sometimes we would go for a run on a field and sometimes a nice long walk but never 2 days running and not as often as mummy would like!

I was very good and didn’t nag mummy for walks. I know she loves me very much and she would play with me lots and I had my puppy Bess to play with too.

But yesterday mummy took me for a walk along the local streets for half an hour and let me off the lead for a little bit on a green on route. It was lovely and I was happy and tired when I got back.

This morning mummy had to go shopping and when she came back I heard her say her legs were hurting and then our neighbour, my special friend, Caroline, who took me for lots of walks last year, came to take Bessie out. I was a bit unhappy not to be going too but then mummy said she would take me out too!

I was very excited as I always get when mummy says the magic word, walkies, or any of the other magic words, harness, lead, out, run, car, go, or any of the codes mummy has tried! Hehe! I’m a Border Collie you see? A clever doggy and I do love to prove how clever I am!

So today we ent for another walk around the local streets but a different way and we got to a green we used to go to. I was very pleased to be back there and found a piece of wood for mummy to throw for me! I was a bit of a pickle (mummy calls me that) I didn’t want to go back on the lead but mummy wasn’t in any hurry so we stayed a bit longer. Then I let mummy put me back on the lead to go home. We met a little dog as we left. He was friendly but was bothering me a bit so then mummy and I left!

Mummy says I was very good walking back. I was a bit tired and so didn’t pull at all!

Now I wonder if I’ll get a walk tomorrow? I think I heard mummy say that I would! I wonder where we’ll go this time!

Well thats all for today!

Hope you all have a happy Dulcie day out in the fresh Spring air!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Doggy Blog List

Hello Furry Friends,

Mummy has been helping me to make my blog pretty and full of fun things and most importantly blogs that we love! All my blogs are about animals! As well as the obvious doggy blogs I have cat blogs and mummy has even found a beautiful bunny blog! You see I have cats and a bunny in my family and I've already told you about my cat friend Shadow!

I have 2 cats in my family. Billy and Fluffy who are brother and sister and Dandelion my bunny! here are some pictures of them.



Dandelion with my puppy Bess!

Hmm yes! the one member of my family I've not mentioned! Believe it or not I am her mummy! I had 8 puppies last year! Oh boy where they hard work and I can't say I'm that happy to have Bess around! She is so annoying and takes my toys and destroys them! I also get less attention. If mummy calls me Bess comes too and sticks her nose in! But she's not all bad (don't tell her!) and we do play together often and make sure we find the smallest spot with the most feet to play in!! hehe!

Here is a picture of Bess now she is too big to get in the rabbit cage with Dandelion! silly pup!

Not too big to sit on her Mummy's knee though! No that's not my Mummy that's my Nana! That's my mummy's mummy who is Bess's mummy! ooh dear a bit confusing isn't it? But you see my Nana and Granddad love me so much that they couldn't bear the thought that Mummy might take me to live in our own home sometime and seeing how lovely and intelligent I am decided they wanted one of my pups! Bess was named even before she was made! But I have heard Mummy and Nana talk and they said that they wouldn't have put me through having puppies if they knew how hard it would be for me and that maybe they should have got an older rescue dog for Nana and Granddad as they are finding a puppy tough going! But they love us both very much and make sure we know it! They bring us home new toys often (as with Bess around they really don't last long) and gives us treats (bribery really to try and get us to be good) and lots of lovely cuddles! My Mummy, Nana and Granddad are the best in the whole world!!

So the other big thing for our pretty blog is that we have 2 fun buttons for you to play with. One feed lots of doggies in rescue centres and the other feeds little kitties. all you have to do is click on it, every day if you can, and answer a fun question. It doesn't matter if you get it wrong the animals still get fed! Mummy hasn't found one that feeds bunnies yet but if she does you can be sure we will put it on our blog too!

Well that's all for now!

Have a happy Dulcie Day!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

More about me!

Hello again.

I thought you might like to know some more about me and my family.

Although I am a sheep dog, I also make a good watch dog. The sofa in our lounge is right in front of the window so I can jump up and sit or lay on the windowsill and keep an eye on the house and, indeed, the whole stre
et! I make sure Mum and the family know when someone is at the door by barking loudly until they have gone or until they have come in and I have said hello by jumping up at them and wagging my tail wildly. Mum tells me off for the barking and jumping up but I take quite a lot of persuading to stop barking. I am better about jumping up and get down when mummy says to though.

However, being a watchdog is very tiring and so I sometimes fall asleep on the windowsill. Mummy says I look very cute asleep on the windowsill! Lots of people who walk past look twice at me sitting or sleeping there. They are very surprised to see such a big dog sitting on the windowsill, cats they are used to and even a small dog like a Westie or something, but not a collie!!

When I am not sleeping or watching the house I like to play and have loads of toys. Sometimes Granddad and Mummy play 'piggy in the middle' with one of my toys. I like that. It shows how clever I can be in outwitting them and getting the toy before they do. If I get the toy, I then do a 'Victory March', running through the house with the toy in my mouth before coming back and dropping it at Mummy or Granddads feet and so the game begins again.

I am very lucky as not only do I have a lovely family with Mummy, Nana and Grandad but we also have two cats called Billy and Fluffy and a rabbit called Dandelion. I love them all but they don't all seem to feel the same about me!! I just don't understand why. I love them and would never hurt them. Billy and I get on ok. He lets me sniff his bottom most of the time and after 2 years of having me around he is used to me and sometimes he even plays with me but he seems to get cross a lot and meows at me, I think to go away. Fluffy, though, seems to hate me!! She growls and spits at me if I so much as walk past her and often long before that. She is so noisy! Mummy and Nana often tell her off when I haven't done anything to her but she still keeps growling!! Dandelion is lovely but I don't get to spend anytime with her her because I chased her when she was little and Mummy thought it would be better if she and I weren't allowed in the same place at the same time. They don't seem to realise I was looking after her!!

I love going to auntie Karen's House. Do you remember I told you she has a Kitten called Shadow? He is wonderful. The best cat friend a doggy could have! He plays with me!! When I was there we played chase around the house and he gave me a ball of his to play with, unfortunately I broke it (oops!). I didn't mean too, honest. I guess my teet
h are stronger than his. When he got tired he would go and curl up somewhere and I would go and lie down near him. Mummy has photo's of him and me asleep on the cushions at the back of the sofa tail to tail!!

Well that all for now! I'll be back with more doggy news soon until then I wish you many happy 'Dulcie Days'

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Welcome to Dulcie Days - the Doggy Blog

Welcome to Dulcie Days!

I am Dulcie and Mum and I are doing this blog together.

I like going for walks all the time, although mummy will tell you I get tired. I love my Park (Williamson Park says Mum). There is so much space to run around and so much to see! There is always something new at the park, new smells, new sights, new days!!! Mum throws a ball for me with one of those funny thrower things. Have you seen them? They have a spoony thing at the end where the ball goes and a curved arm. Mum then puts it over her shoulder and throws it really hard and it goes a long way! I just love running after it!

When I get a bit tired I want to have a drink and something to cool me down and so I look for water. I love water! Because of the bad weather last year it only needs a little rain in the park for there to be load of lovely, MUDDY, puddles. They are just the best place for me to cool down but of course I then get really muddy and Mum goes 'Oh Dulcie!' but there is a laugh in her voice so I know she's not mad at me. On the way back to the car, though, she throws the ball into the lake and I jump in with a great big splash that draws a lot of attention from people around and they stand and laugh and watch as I do it time and again. I do love an audience but I also do it because I like making Mummy laugh and she likes it because, believe it or not, I come out all clean, with my white bits white!

Other places I like to go is the sea, (water again!) and visiting friends (see my friends list, Karen and her kitten Shadow are my best friends). Oh and new places are always fun! I like it when I can go off the lead and run free and where there's water so I can go swimming. (Surprise, surprise)

When we get home from our walks I am hungry and tired. Mummy gets me a bowl of food which I eat and then I find somewhere to curl up or stretch out and sleep. I have many places I like to sleep. Sometimes I sleep next to mummy on the sofa or, if Nana or Granddad aren't in the room, I curl up on one of their chairs. If I'm really tired (and I think mummy needs a rest too) I drop a big hint by taking myself off upstairs to bed. I sleep on Mummy's bed with her so if I get there first I can try to take up the whole (double) bed!

Oh my word! (Mummy says that!) Is that the time? I have chattered on! (but then I am good at that! Mum calls me a chatterbox!) I hope you have enjoyed my chatterings and will come and visit again soon.

Remember, If you want a Dulcie Day then get out there in the fresh air, have a walk and lots of fun!!

Bye for now

Dulcie xxx