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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sooo Cute!

I love my Mummy you know! She has to go out lots and to my annoyance I can't go with her! Most often I quietly jump on her chair to watch her departure through the window and then go to sleep on her chair while waiting for the first sound of her car so I know she's coming home! Mummy always comes and gives me a stroke and a kiss goodbye. Well yesterday when she had to go out I wanted to show her how much I didn't want her to go and how much I love her and Nanny grabbed her camera and took a picture 'cause I looked so cute!

This is me begging Mummy not to go!

Me Hanging onto Mummy! I'm not going to let her go!

You have to admit I do look very cute! How could Mummy be so heartless to still go when I had tried so hard to keep her!


  1. awww .... you look so cute Dulcie, how could your mummy leave you behind??

  2. Thank you Maria. I found it very hard to leave her! xxx


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