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Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Hello animal lovers.

How are you today? I have just got back from a lovely little walk with Mummy! My second in 2 days!

Now I know that as a doggy that generally isn’t exciting but your see my mummy has a health problem that makes her very tired and her legs ache when she does a lot on her feet! For the past year I haven’t had walks regularly. Mummy did the best she could and sometimes we would go for a run on a field and sometimes a nice long walk but never 2 days running and not as often as mummy would like!

I was very good and didn’t nag mummy for walks. I know she loves me very much and she would play with me lots and I had my puppy Bess to play with too.

But yesterday mummy took me for a walk along the local streets for half an hour and let me off the lead for a little bit on a green on route. It was lovely and I was happy and tired when I got back.

This morning mummy had to go shopping and when she came back I heard her say her legs were hurting and then our neighbour, my special friend, Caroline, who took me for lots of walks last year, came to take Bessie out. I was a bit unhappy not to be going too but then mummy said she would take me out too!

I was very excited as I always get when mummy says the magic word, walkies, or any of the other magic words, harness, lead, out, run, car, go, or any of the codes mummy has tried! Hehe! I’m a Border Collie you see? A clever doggy and I do love to prove how clever I am!

So today we ent for another walk around the local streets but a different way and we got to a green we used to go to. I was very pleased to be back there and found a piece of wood for mummy to throw for me! I was a bit of a pickle (mummy calls me that) I didn’t want to go back on the lead but mummy wasn’t in any hurry so we stayed a bit longer. Then I let mummy put me back on the lead to go home. We met a little dog as we left. He was friendly but was bothering me a bit so then mummy and I left!

Mummy says I was very good walking back. I was a bit tired and so didn’t pull at all!

Now I wonder if I’ll get a walk tomorrow? I think I heard mummy say that I would! I wonder where we’ll go this time!

Well thats all for today!

Hope you all have a happy Dulcie day out in the fresh Spring air!

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