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Saturday, 6 March 2010

More about me!

Hello again.

I thought you might like to know some more about me and my family.

Although I am a sheep dog, I also make a good watch dog. The sofa in our lounge is right in front of the window so I can jump up and sit or lay on the windowsill and keep an eye on the house and, indeed, the whole stre
et! I make sure Mum and the family know when someone is at the door by barking loudly until they have gone or until they have come in and I have said hello by jumping up at them and wagging my tail wildly. Mum tells me off for the barking and jumping up but I take quite a lot of persuading to stop barking. I am better about jumping up and get down when mummy says to though.

However, being a watchdog is very tiring and so I sometimes fall asleep on the windowsill. Mummy says I look very cute asleep on the windowsill! Lots of people who walk past look twice at me sitting or sleeping there. They are very surprised to see such a big dog sitting on the windowsill, cats they are used to and even a small dog like a Westie or something, but not a collie!!

When I am not sleeping or watching the house I like to play and have loads of toys. Sometimes Granddad and Mummy play 'piggy in the middle' with one of my toys. I like that. It shows how clever I can be in outwitting them and getting the toy before they do. If I get the toy, I then do a 'Victory March', running through the house with the toy in my mouth before coming back and dropping it at Mummy or Granddads feet and so the game begins again.

I am very lucky as not only do I have a lovely family with Mummy, Nana and Grandad but we also have two cats called Billy and Fluffy and a rabbit called Dandelion. I love them all but they don't all seem to feel the same about me!! I just don't understand why. I love them and would never hurt them. Billy and I get on ok. He lets me sniff his bottom most of the time and after 2 years of having me around he is used to me and sometimes he even plays with me but he seems to get cross a lot and meows at me, I think to go away. Fluffy, though, seems to hate me!! She growls and spits at me if I so much as walk past her and often long before that. She is so noisy! Mummy and Nana often tell her off when I haven't done anything to her but she still keeps growling!! Dandelion is lovely but I don't get to spend anytime with her her because I chased her when she was little and Mummy thought it would be better if she and I weren't allowed in the same place at the same time. They don't seem to realise I was looking after her!!

I love going to auntie Karen's House. Do you remember I told you she has a Kitten called Shadow? He is wonderful. The best cat friend a doggy could have! He plays with me!! When I was there we played chase around the house and he gave me a ball of his to play with, unfortunately I broke it (oops!). I didn't mean too, honest. I guess my teet
h are stronger than his. When he got tired he would go and curl up somewhere and I would go and lie down near him. Mummy has photo's of him and me asleep on the cushions at the back of the sofa tail to tail!!

Well that all for now! I'll be back with more doggy news soon until then I wish you many happy 'Dulcie Days'

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  1. Hi Teri and Dulcie! Thanks ever so for stopping by our blog and saying hello! How sweet we have the same name and that you too once had a Cornish Rex. We follow a couple of other doggie blogs, too...Baxter http://ewix2.blogspot.com/ and Bajas (& cats!) http://wrigglebutts.blogspot.com/ If you don't know about them, their blogs are cute and fun to visit


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