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Zippidy Zeb

♫ Zippidy doo da, zippidy ay, my oh my what a wonderful day! ♫

I have taken Zeb out for 2 walks now and I can definitely say they are wonderful days! He is a lovely dog and so bouncy and full of fun but it is his antics with Dulcie today that have really cemented his place in my heart! What a lot of fun it was!

But I need to back track a bit because you might be wondering who Zeb is. Zeb is my neighbours Black Labrador and as she is in College on a Thursday and her son is now at Uni in Warwickshire she needs a walker for Zeb. I immediately offered as it will do me good to have a definite day and time to get out with Dulcie and I like to help!

So back to today's trip Oh it was fun! You see Dulcie always plays with sticks now so we went hunting for a stick and chopped and changed as we found better ones and then Zeb found this one!

What a whopper! But then Dulcie always wants the best and especially the one I'm throwing and Zeb is a gentle giant so when I threw it Dulcie got it and Zeb let her .... 

for a while! But Zeb is a clever soul ( and coming from a Collie owner that is a real big compliment!) He waited and then suddenly when Dulcie least expected it he raced in and beat her to it!

and boy was he happy!

very happy ...

 You can't see the log ... he's rolling on it! ...
Dulcie, of course, got it back again...

But patient Zeb waited and got his final revenge at the lake stealing it off Dulcie once and for all no matter how much she chased! Oh and he loved every minute of being chased and being the victor! Well done Zeb not many dogs can outwit Dulcie!!

I hope you enjoy watching this video of the pair of them as much as I did watching them in action! You can hear me laugh!

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