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Bessies Bouncy Antics

Hi I'm Bess also known as Bessie, Bessina and Bessany Boo! I am the Puppy that stayed!
I am a scamp and full of beans! I love everything and everyone! I am very bouncy and jump up at everyone and make leaping the gate on the stairs (you know the one to stop me going up there) an ongoing past time!
Here you will be hearing of all my antics good, naughty and just plain funny!


The Tale Of The Bone

Today my Mum and Auntie Teri went to town and when they came home they had bought me and Dulcie a bone each! Auntie Teri handed it to me but I wouldn't take it from her. You see it was a big bone and I only has a little mouth! So Auntie Teri came and put it on my bed! Well do you know I really wasn't sure about this bone! I don't know where it came from and an unknown bone can be a scary thing you know! Well Auntie Teri was watching me and I was sitting just looking at my bone from a little distance so she came and put the bone between my paws! Auntie Teri is great! One of my favourite humans but she just didn't understand what was going on! By now I am sitting a couple of feet away from my bone just looking at it! Auntie Teri was trying to persuade me to eat and I wagged my tail a bit cos I do love my Auntie Teri but I still wasn't sure about this darn bone! So next Auntie Teri had another idea that usually works with me and came in to take the bone (I thought) so I raced forward to protect my bone but Auntie Teri picked up and tried to eat it! (she was pretending, I know but I let her believe I thought she really was eating it) So I jumped up at her and she gave it back to me so I took it and went and laid back down on my bed with it but still wouldn't eat it! I licked it a bit but you know those bones are tough things to eat! Well Auntie Teri was laughing a lot by now and called my Mummy to come and see! I was pleased to see my Mummy. I know Mummy's are safe and so now I knew I could eat my bone and started to tuck in! Well then I needed to go in the garden so Auntie Teri let us out! When we came back in and Dulcie went upstairs with Auntie Teri do you know what I did? I stole Dulcie's bone! hehe! You see Dulcie is a big dog, not a little puppy like me and she has big teeth and had started it off so I could get my little teeth into it! She won't know! when she comes back down she will have my bone to start off for me...I mean eat! Here's a picture of me and my bone!


Now I know I look very ferocious in this picture but I'm not! Really! I was just trying to entice Dulcie to play with me! I do love to play but Dulcie doesn't play with me much! She's a grown up doggy but I wish she would play with me more like Daddy does! 


Yellow Bessie!

Auntie Teri has been laughing at me...once she got over the shock that is! You see she and mummy came home after leaving me and Dulcie alone for a couple of hours and then Auntie Teri saw it! (I thought I was hiding it well but it seems nothing gets past Auntie Teri!) So what did Auntie Teri see? A big bright yellow patch on my neck! It did take her quite a while to work it out but once she did she laughed and laughed! 

Now I'm sure you're wondering what it is all about and why it is so funny! Are you enjoying the suspense? Well Auntie Teri has some lilies on the windowsill behind her chair (are you a Lily lover? Have you twigged it yet?) Well I like to jump on Auntie Teri's chair and bark at anything outside that moves (it's a Collie thing!) and at some point I must have brushed against those lovely lilies and the dye on the stamens rubbed on my lovely white bit of fur and 'Hey presto!' I have a yellow neck! Here is the picture!

I wonder how long it will last? Will it go do you think or am I forever yellow?


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