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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Welcome to Dulcie Days - the Doggy Blog

Welcome to Dulcie Days!

I am Dulcie and Mum and I are doing this blog together.

I like going for walks all the time, although mummy will tell you I get tired. I love my Park (Williamson Park says Mum). There is so much space to run around and so much to see! There is always something new at the park, new smells, new sights, new days!!! Mum throws a ball for me with one of those funny thrower things. Have you seen them? They have a spoony thing at the end where the ball goes and a curved arm. Mum then puts it over her shoulder and throws it really hard and it goes a long way! I just love running after it!

When I get a bit tired I want to have a drink and something to cool me down and so I look for water. I love water! Because of the bad weather last year it only needs a little rain in the park for there to be load of lovely, MUDDY, puddles. They are just the best place for me to cool down but of course I then get really muddy and Mum goes 'Oh Dulcie!' but there is a laugh in her voice so I know she's not mad at me. On the way back to the car, though, she throws the ball into the lake and I jump in with a great big splash that draws a lot of attention from people around and they stand and laugh and watch as I do it time and again. I do love an audience but I also do it because I like making Mummy laugh and she likes it because, believe it or not, I come out all clean, with my white bits white!

Other places I like to go is the sea, (water again!) and visiting friends (see my friends list, Karen and her kitten Shadow are my best friends). Oh and new places are always fun! I like it when I can go off the lead and run free and where there's water so I can go swimming. (Surprise, surprise)

When we get home from our walks I am hungry and tired. Mummy gets me a bowl of food which I eat and then I find somewhere to curl up or stretch out and sleep. I have many places I like to sleep. Sometimes I sleep next to mummy on the sofa or, if Nana or Granddad aren't in the room, I curl up on one of their chairs. If I'm really tired (and I think mummy needs a rest too) I drop a big hint by taking myself off upstairs to bed. I sleep on Mummy's bed with her so if I get there first I can try to take up the whole (double) bed!

Oh my word! (Mummy says that!) Is that the time? I have chattered on! (but then I am good at that! Mum calls me a chatterbox!) I hope you have enjoyed my chatterings and will come and visit again soon.

Remember, If you want a Dulcie Day then get out there in the fresh air, have a walk and lots of fun!!

Bye for now

Dulcie xxx


  1. Brigid Holmes wrote:

    Dear Dulcie,

    It's great to see mummy has given you an online space to tell people what has been going on in your world! It sounds like it's going to be a very interesting blog and I'm impressed with your ability to describe events so well! Do you have any doggy friends as well as cat companions if so you must tell us about them and what you get up to when you meet up! Hopefully not too much havoc!
    Lots of Love Brigid X

  2. OMG I love this pic of you Dulcie! Found you through Teri of Furrydance. I have an animal blog -- covers all sorts of them... I volunteer at the zoo, do wildlife rehab and also live right next to a part where all the wild animals have become tame so lots to post about. Hope you'll come visit!


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