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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Doggy Blog List

Hello Furry Friends,

Mummy has been helping me to make my blog pretty and full of fun things and most importantly blogs that we love! All my blogs are about animals! As well as the obvious doggy blogs I have cat blogs and mummy has even found a beautiful bunny blog! You see I have cats and a bunny in my family and I've already told you about my cat friend Shadow!

I have 2 cats in my family. Billy and Fluffy who are brother and sister and Dandelion my bunny! here are some pictures of them.



Dandelion with my puppy Bess!

Hmm yes! the one member of my family I've not mentioned! Believe it or not I am her mummy! I had 8 puppies last year! Oh boy where they hard work and I can't say I'm that happy to have Bess around! She is so annoying and takes my toys and destroys them! I also get less attention. If mummy calls me Bess comes too and sticks her nose in! But she's not all bad (don't tell her!) and we do play together often and make sure we find the smallest spot with the most feet to play in!! hehe!

Here is a picture of Bess now she is too big to get in the rabbit cage with Dandelion! silly pup!

Not too big to sit on her Mummy's knee though! No that's not my Mummy that's my Nana! That's my mummy's mummy who is Bess's mummy! ooh dear a bit confusing isn't it? But you see my Nana and Granddad love me so much that they couldn't bear the thought that Mummy might take me to live in our own home sometime and seeing how lovely and intelligent I am decided they wanted one of my pups! Bess was named even before she was made! But I have heard Mummy and Nana talk and they said that they wouldn't have put me through having puppies if they knew how hard it would be for me and that maybe they should have got an older rescue dog for Nana and Granddad as they are finding a puppy tough going! But they love us both very much and make sure we know it! They bring us home new toys often (as with Bess around they really don't last long) and gives us treats (bribery really to try and get us to be good) and lots of lovely cuddles! My Mummy, Nana and Granddad are the best in the whole world!!

So the other big thing for our pretty blog is that we have 2 fun buttons for you to play with. One feed lots of doggies in rescue centres and the other feeds little kitties. all you have to do is click on it, every day if you can, and answer a fun question. It doesn't matter if you get it wrong the animals still get fed! Mummy hasn't found one that feeds bunnies yet but if she does you can be sure we will put it on our blog too!

Well that's all for now!

Have a happy Dulcie Day!


  1. Fred just loves to see and hear of fellow bunny rabbits!!! What a wonderful blog to follow, thank you so much for sharing :D

  2. Thank you for visiting our blog. We are staying at http://rileytiki.wordpress.com

    Still to lazy to switch to blogger.


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