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Friday, 27 August 2010

Chasing Chickens! (well if the fence hadn't been in the way that is)

  Mummy and her friend Chrissie decided to go out for a drive and have a coffee out today and Mummy took me with her! I do love going out with Mummy in the car and I know she will find somewhere to give me a run too! Well today we went out to Cockerham and Mummy had planned to take me for a walk along the Sands but we couldn't a place to park and there were lots of sheep grazing loose on the marsh. Now I wouldn't have mind playing with the sheep! I am a sheep dog after all and Mummy is sure I wouldn't hurt them I would just do my job and herd them but Mummy thought it wasn't a good idea so we had to find somewhere else.

Mummy then drove to the Farm where She and my friend Chrissie were having their coffee and cake and Mummy ran in first to see if there was anywhere to give me a run and Mummy was very pleased when they said she could let me run on the green on the farm! Well that was loads more fun than I expected! They had Chickens! I had never seen chickens before and I just wanted to get close to them and play but there was a fence in the way! But I still got very excited and most of my run was me looking at these chickens!

And then Mummy took a video of me just I was getting very vocal at this wayward Chicken! I was just trying to get him to go home cos he had wandered away from the coop but that darn fence was in the way! Why won't anyone let me do the thing I know I must do? I know I would be good at herding if I was just given the chance...Mummy? Pleeease? ( Mummy says..."I want to have you as a pet not train you as a sheep dog who would have to live outside and would be at work all day! I would miss my dear companion!") Oh OK Mummy if you need me of course I will stay and look after you! Anyway here is the video! Don't you think I look and sound sooo cute? Mummy does! :-)

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  1. awww... thats so cute. We have chickens in the garden behind ours and Dilly is always curious about the noises they make ... but she can't see them!
    Lovely video

    Maria x


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