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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Welcome Home!

My Mummy has been away for a week! She got an opportunity to race off to Cornwall and she didn't even ask me she just went :-( I know really she was sad to leave me and going to Cornwall with me would have been much more fun but she said it was great to imagine coming back home to me and having a big welcome! And I gave her one! I gave her the best welcome I had in me to give! When her car drew up outside the house Nannie shut Bessie behind the big gate and me and Nannie waited for Mummy by the small gate! Mummy got out of the car and came and gave me a big hug not even stopping to hug her Mummy and Daddy or talk to Bessie! She just wanted to have a hug from me! 

Once she had had her loving welcome from me Nannie let Bessie in and Bessie just raced through the lounge and jumped on my Mummy's knee and wouldn't stop licking her face (Bessie is a mad puppy!) When Mummy had finished being accosted by Bessie and had another cuddle with me she went out to unpack the car. I was very scared! I thought she was going to leave me again and I sat on her chair watching her every move through the window! But then when the car was all empty and our dining room was all full mummy came and flopped in her chair and I came and gave her another big welcome...I sat on her knee for ages and nearly went to sleep!
Me and Mummy having a big cuddle!

Later when I had got down Mummy went and brought her case in to get out presents and I got scared again but I didn't need to worry! Mummy got out the presents and her washing and soon the case was empty and we went upstairs for our afternoon rest and Mummy finished her unpacking and I knew she wasn't going to go away again! But I do think I need to watch her closely in case she decides to leave me again! I don't like it when Mummy goes away but I do love it when she comes home!

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