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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Photo Journal ~ Walk in the Park!

Mummy and I went for a walk in the park today! Mummy took lots of pictures of me playing so we thought you might like to see them!

Mummy says she knows this is a bit blurred but we had just arrived and I'm off to explore!

I love wallowing in puddles! Any water really! I just love it! I also get to have a very needed drink from all my running around!

Mustn't forget the very important shake...then I'm off again!

Aaaah a stick!

Come on Mummy! Throw it! I'm being good!

Me bringing it back! Aren't I fast? So fast you can't see me! hehe

Trotting through the woods! don't I look scary in the flash of mummy's camera! Mwahahaha!

Our last stop before home! A chance for me to play fetch in the lake and clear off any mud (yes it does work. Mummy says I don't come home smelly from the lake!)

On my way back...

and out! Time for home! 

I hope you've enjoyed my photo journal!

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